Peter Frampton @ WUK

Peter Frampton went to school with David Bowie. He is a passionated musician and plays the guitar using a talk box. He is going to play live @ WUK in Vienna on the 20th March 2011 and i am looking forward to see his show and make photos.


A talk box is an effects device that allows a musician to modify the sound of a musical instrument. In this case Peter is using the guitar and a talk box where he controls the modification of the sound by lip syncing, or by changing the shape of his mouth.


After 4, not very successful CDs in the 70s, Peter Frampton has produced a live album which was 10 weeks in the US charts and an absolute bestseller.


Fact is that Peter is live much better than in the Studio. That's the secret of his success. But let's convince ourselfs and let's enjoy the show!


Peter Frampton - Website:



17. Mar. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas