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The solo project of the Sneaker Pimps singer, Chris Corner, is called IAMX. I have already seen them live 2 times and I am curious to see their crooked show again on the 10th of March 2011 @ Gasometer.
5. Mar. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

I'm invited to take photos of a musical at the Ateliertheater in Vienna @ Burggasse 71. The opening night of this scary musical called Labyrinth is on the 9th March 2011. There are further shows on the 11th and 12th of March 2011.
5. Mar. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

I've already listened a several times to their second album 'Ritual' and i like it. I really loved their first album and i've already seen them LIVE on stage two times. So it's time to see the White Lies again on the 8th March @ Gasometer.
23. Feb. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

Thin Lizzy was founded in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland by Brian Downey and Phil Lynott. Since 1996 Thin Lizzy is playing without Lynott but i am proud to see them @ Arena, 6. Feb. 2011.
6. Feb. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

Reel Big Fish is well known for their funny shows and Songs. Those guys from California are going to play live @ Flex on the 5th of Jan. 2011.
5. Feb. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

I have the opportunity to travel to India for business reasons. I am happy to go there and to have some time there to explore this land at least for some days.
19. Jan. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

It's the second time that i have the possibility to make photos @ a Good Charlotte show. My first time i saw them on 8. June 2007 @ Arena in Vienna and it was an Open Air. This time they are going to rock the Gasometer on 21. January 2011.
18. Jan. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

On Friday, the 7th January, the FM5 Online Magazine is celebrating their 8th Birthday. They have some Live Bands and a DJ. I will take some photos.
5. Jan. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

A Happy New Year to all my visitors, customers and friends! I wish you all the best for 2011. Take care & good luck!
4. Jan. 2011 Erstellt von: Andreas

It looks like that the show of Fettes Brot will be my last concert in 2010. I will enjoy it! I love their funny style and their beats. Fettes Brot are going to perform on the 12th December @ Gasometer. Yo! ;-)
11. Dec. 2010 Erstellt von: Andreas